07. April 2021
Why are natural refrigerants a perfect fit for small, organic retailers? It's as simple as that: combined with high energy efficiency, they reduce a store's heating and cooling GHG emissions to a minimum, forming a key component of a store or retailer’s sustainability strategy. The Refrigerants, Naturally! 4 LIFE (RefNat4LIFE) project supports the switch to climate friendly cooling in Europe’s small, organic food retail sector. Project manager Britta Paetzold presented the projects' goals...
14. March 2021
In this series, RefNat4LIFE project partners give insight into their motivation to engage in sustainable RACHP. This time, we have talked to Dr. Matthias Schmitt of the German „BIV” – the association representing the companies responsible for the design, installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in Germany. Claudia Becker (HEAT GmbH): Matthias, how can service companies best support small store owners in the transition to sustainable...
14. March 2021
“Ekoplaza is focusing on natural refrigerants and energy savings and aims to be 100% converted to natural refrigerants in the future.”
08. February 2021
Natürliche Kältemittel Thema beim BioFach eSpecial
--- English version below --- Gemeinsam mit dem Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren (BNN e.V.) präsentiert RefNat4LIFE am 18. Februar um 12.00 Uhr in einer virtuellen Veranstaltung. Das Webinar ist Teil des offiziellen Programms des diesjährigen Biofach eSpecial, der virtuellen Ausgabe der weltweit führenden Veranstaltung für Bio-Produkte und Bio-Lebensmittel. Zu den Referenten*Innen gehören die RefNat4LIFE-Projektpartner BNN und HEAT sowie Endnutzer aus dem Bio-Einzelhandel von...
07. December 2020
In this series, RefNat4LIFE project partners give insight into their experience and motivation to engage in sustainable RACHP. This time, we have talked to Jaime Ferreira, director of Agrobio, the Portuguese Association of Organic Agriculture. Claudia Becker (HEAT GmbH): What are the main challenges for the small (organic) food retail sector with regard to sustainable cooling? Jaime Ferreira (Agrobio Portugal): There is a lack of information. We do not know enough about small retail shops....
01. December 2020
The recently published “Towards sustainable cooling in the European organic and small food retail sector – Status, technology needs and expectations” public report shares the first-ever approximation on Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and Heat Pump (RACHP)-related emissions within this sector in Europe. The aim of the RefNat4LIFE project is to promote the uptake of climate-friendly cooling alternatives among end users of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) equipment and...
02. October 2020
RefNat4LIFE will be part of this years’ Chillventa, which is happening as a virtual “eSpecial” from 13 to 15 October 2020. Britta Paetzold of HEAT, Germany, as well as Hans-Josef Brzukalla from the German Association of Organic Processors, Wholesalers, and retailers (BNN e.V.) will present the project goals and give insights into the organic food retail sector as an interesting market for sustainable refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) technology.
20. September 2020
Good news for those interested in climate friendly cooling in the Netherlands: The RefNat4LIFE project will be part of the upcoming online HET KOUDEMIDDELEN CONGRES on 21 September 2020. René van Gerwen from the Dutch refrigeration association (KNVvK) and Wim den Boer, Director of the Stichting Emissiepreventie Koudetechniek (STEK), both RefNat4LIFE project partners, inform about the RefNat4LIFE project and initial findings of a market study on RACHP use in Europe’s small food retail sector.
02. September 2020
RefNat4LIFE was part of shecco's virtual trade show on natural refrigerants. The recorded webinar is now available.
25. August 2020
RefNat4LIFE will be part of the World's First Global & Virtual Natural Refrigerants Trade Show 1 - 2 September 2020

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