Massive open online course (MOOC) on RACHP technology, policy & its market

What is the right choice for cooling equipment in times of global warming?


Are you looking for best practice in terms of energy-efficiency and climate-friendly cooling?


Do you want to create more awareness on urgent climate action and to encourage your customers to reduce their energy consumption and use natural refrigerants for climate-friendly cooling?


RefNat4LIFE will be offering a self-paced e-learning course for RACHP servicing technicians.


The course will provide information on not only the opportunities, but also the threats associated with RACHP equipment. The topics of legal provisions, alternative cooling systems and the energy saving potential of energy efficient technology will also be explored. 


The course is an introduction to the topic of climate change and the role of the food retail sector. An overview of the political framework, climate-friendly technical solutions already available on the market and approaches towards sustainable stores will be provided.

Download the full MOOC concept here for more information:

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